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Available Information

This Wiki contains collaboratively created materials from the Fall 2010 Owning the Intangible Tutorial at Grinnell College. You can find more information at the Course Front Door.

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Convocation and More

I require students in my Tutorial to regularly attend Scholars' Convocation and other Thursday 11 a.m. events. We use the Convocation lectures for two primary purposes. First, the content of the lectures often serve to support discussion in tutorial. Second, we deconstruct the style of the lectures as preparation for the students' own public presentations.

Students will be collaboratively discussing the convocations (and other activities) in this Wiki.

Notes on Various Topics

I also require students to comment on variety of issues, from a Grinnell education to particular aspects of intellectual property.


* SandBox, a "sand box" for playing with writing for a Wiki and more.

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